How to recover tight muscles after running

Cross country race

Do you have a tight muscle when you run or afterwards? You stretch and stretch, but it doesn’t get any better! Here’s what you need to know… but first, some background.

How to keep up with fitness over the festive season 

As we know, this time of year becomes increasingly busy with family, friends, work dinners, social gatherings, the list is endless!  So, it’s no surprise that our fitness routine takes a back slide. We know how frustrating this can feel when you have worked so hard on your fitness goals all year.  We wanted to […]

Myth Busting: Protecting your back

Myth: Your spine is delicate and you need to protect it. Fact: Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body! Frequent movement and load on the spine can actually increase the strength of the tissues surrounding the vertebrae, putting you at even less risk of harm. What does this mean for me? […]

Low Back Pain: Causes

Lower back pain can be incredibly uncomfortably and it affects many people in all aspects of their lives. Find out what may be causing your lower back pain… 1. Excessive Stress on the Spine Excessive stress on the spine is when there is an excess amount of pressure being placed on it, which can lead […]

How to increase your Vo2 max

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can use during intense exercise. It is an important factor in determining aerobic fitness, as a higher VO2 max generally indicates a higher level of fitness. If you are looking to increase your VO2 max, there are a few strategies you can try.