Myth Busting: Protecting your back

Myth: Your spine is delicate and you need to protect it.

Fact: Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body! Frequent movement and load on the spine can actually increase the strength of the tissues surrounding the vertebrae, putting you at even less risk of harm.

What does this mean for me?

I slouch too much – is this a problem?

Your spine can withstand a variety of postures. While you might have grown up being told not to slouch, the reality is you are unlikely to cause any long lasting damage by doing so. In fact, you are more likely to have uncomfortable muscles by forcing yourself into an unnatural upright position. The best thing for the spine is frequent movement, so I always recommend for people concerned about their posture to switch the way they are sitting or standing every thirty minutes or so.

I’m moving house next year and I don’t think I can lift the boxes.

Our backs are naturally extremely strong – this is what keeps you upright. The main cause of pain or damage from heavy lifting is doing so when you are not used to it. Therefore, the more we practice lifting moderate loads, the better equipped we are to cope when we might need to pick up something a little bit heavier than normal, like a particularly heavy shopping bag or a table if we are moving house.

My back hurts but my GP won’t let me have a scan. Why?

This is a complex one – but the bottom line is, an X-Ray or MRI is unlikely to show the root of the cause of your pain. Back pain can be caused by a variety of things from muscular tightness to digestive issues to hormone imbalances, all of which will not show on a scan. Furthermore, research has shown that many people with no symptoms will show an issue on MRIs, yet just as many with back pain will not! This means that even if something like a disc bulge was found, it may not be that which is causing the problem, meaning you might undergo treatment for something which is not affecting you and miss treating the real issue.

            …but what if they miss something?

Doctors and healthcare professionals are well trained in figuring out when a scan is or is not needed. Don’t worry, they won’t let you go without if they suspect you might benefit from imaging. Remember that a good professional will also not take offence if you choose to get a second opinion.

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How can I speed up my recovery after a long run?

Long runs such as half marathons, are strenuous on the body and therefore leaves your muscles fatigued, tissues strained and your body in need of restoration. By prioritising recovery, you can mitigate the risk of injury and conquer your training goals!

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