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We use our state-of-the-art equipment to help assess and diagnose your problem. We can objectively show how you are progressing and recovering, taking the guess work out of rehabilitation. As you achieve more goals and your scores improve we can progress your rehabilitation ensuring you are maximising your recovery using our Rehabilitation Gym.

After an in-depth screening, that involves specific movements required to perform at a high standard in your sport, your clinician will explain what may be causing your symptons. We will then work as a team to provide high-quality physiotherapy, hands-on management and rehabilitation, to get you back on track and performing as you should be.

We do not see injuries as roadblocks, but small set-backs that can be overcome with the correct care and support. When done properly, rehabilitation can surprise you, and be much smoother than you’d first think. No challenge is too big and you can overcome more than you even know!

It’s not just about making a return to your sport, it’s about feeling recharged and better prepared for the unique physical demands that your sport asks of you. We will help you to minimise the risk of an injury like this happening again.

But don’t just take our word for it, our clients always say it best…

“I have been working with Pure for 3 years since a significant leg break in a tackle. Pure has always been able to help me recover physically and mentally from injury and get back to full fitness for football. They have helped improve my strength and fitness with long-terms plans.” – Jordan Attree, Striker for Great Yarmouth Town FC.

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Sports performance screening

We have developed Performance Enhancement Screening (PES) that assesses the attributes needed for each sport. Being able to see your ability across a range of attributes can help us together design a plan to meet your needs, whether that’s increasing: speed, power or minimising injury risk.

Wouldn’t we all like to be treated the same way that a professional athlete is? Well at the Pure Sports Physio clinic you can be! We understand that each sport has its own fitness demands, and requires a different type of athlete in order to achieve success, which when competing in team sports can even vary depending on the role in which you play – think position specific. 

Whatever Sport you compete in, we have a screen designed around clinical research to give us a 360 degree picture of your current levels of fitness and what areas we need to work on. Once the relevant performance metrics have been taken, you will then have a specific periodised plan of gym work / fitness training, put in place to enhance one or more areas over a period to help improve performance. The Performance Screen is then repeated after a set period to judge changes and then a new plan agreed.

For most athletes this is completed in pre-season and then periodically throughout the season the ensure maximum performance gains with the bonus of minimising injury risk.  

Sessions can be coached and delivered within our Gym if this is desirable. 

Whether it’s improving your clubhead speed, being faster on the track or pitch, or simply getting a performance check and some guidance, The Pure Sports Physio clinic is here to give you the tools to be at your best.


running gait analysis screening

Our specialised running biomechanical and muscle peak force assessment.

Optojump treadmill gait analysis will tell you the acceleration of each limb, any weaknesses in heel off to toe off times and give you an overall report on areas to improve. Our floor based testing will tell you limb power and peak output of all knee and hip muscles. This combined approach offers more biomechanical feedback then ever before, Join GB running athletes and book yourself in.


Shockwave therapy

Our specialist Shockwave Therapy assessment and treatment for stubborn MSK conditions.

Shockwave therapy is an evidence-based treatment for stubborn conditions affecting the Musculoskeletal System. It stimulates a healing environment helping to hasten the reduction of pain and swelling. It can be used on it owns or as part of treatment alongside progressive exercises. Helps with a wide range of conditions including:

– Achilles Tendinopathy
– Patella Tendinopathy
– Plantar Fascitis
– Tennis Elbow
– Calcific Tendinopathy
– And more!

Only currently available at our Norwich City Road Clinic.


golf specific performance screening

Our specialist screening programme for golfers can improve power, strength and mobility.

Our Golf Screening has been created by our own expert in golf movement, Dominic Moon. From his years playing to a high level representing Yorkshire, his time working up to being a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and time studying Sports and Exercise medicine to a masters level, Dominic has perfected the Pure Physio Sports Golf Screening. The equipment used to measure and map out your progress is far beyond that offered anywhere else in the UK! 

Adolescent sports performance screening

Youth athletes have phenomenal potential to develop their Physical attributes throughout adolescence. However it is key to get the balance of training right for each individual based on the timing and tempo of their maturation.

Our ability to assess where an athlete is in their development and utilise training methods, to enhance key performance characteristics such as speed, strength and power whilst periodising it to fit in with your training plan, is unrivalled!

If you’re a developing athlete who wants to develop your performance or has suffered injuries and wants to prevent this in the future, then our experts are here to help.

At the first appointment, we will take a thorough history assessment including a physical examination using state-of-the-art equipment to help us get an idea of your rate of growth, stage of physical maturation, current performance levels, and then design a programme to help you reach your goals. This will then be reviewed and progressed over a 3 month period.

Sports massage

If you find you’re getting a build up of tension or soreness in a particular area of the body you may benefit from a thorough assessment. We can help to identify the root cause of your tension and utilise techniques to help relieve this tension and build up of by-products from training to assist your recovery and leave you ready for the next session of training.

We all need to recharge our batteries from time-to-time, and that’s exactly what a sports massages will do for your body. Just think about it, you’re putting your body through intense physical exercise on a regular basis, so every now and again it needs some time to unwind. 

Sports massage is suitable for everyone and can be a very effective tool in assisting your recovery between bouts of exercise. For those fortunate enough to train full-time or those training alongside their job, you’ll know that a lot of training can lead to pain, stiffness and tightness in muscles and joints – caused by a build up of by-products. 

Our expert Physiotherapists, with over 20 years experience working in high performance sport, can help locate exactly what is causing your discomfort and tightness, whilst helping you to recover from the problem itself, using the correct combination of deep tissue techniques that relax muscle tension, ease pain, and maximise movement.

strength and conditioning

Delivered by specialist physiotherapists, alongside qualified S&C professionals, our clinicians can use your training history, goals and state-of-the-art equipment to understand your current ability and design a bespoke periodised plan.

Through the development of dynamic and static exercises, we will improve your physical performance, by enhancing the quality of your movement, which is relevant to any given sport, focusing on speed, strength and power. 

It’s not just about lifting weights, though that is an element that may be included in your S&C programme, but more about giving you the explosive edge over your competition and better preparing your body to prevent future injuries, with improved movement patterns.

Our methods include plyometrics, speed and agility, mobility, core stability, endurance, weight training, and so much more…

Nutritional advice assessment

Our Team of specialists support you in weight management to achieve sporting and lifestyle goals. We can help you to achieve your specific weight goals, waist size targets and more subjective goals such as how you feel, fatigue and energy levels.

an Elite sports Environment

state-of-the-art sports science technology

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gait analysis

Strength and
conditioning equipment

specialists in adolescent performance screening

private gym environments with relaxed atmosphere

Diet and nutrition

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 “Chris’ programmes helped to keep me fit and injury free as an 18-year-old playing in the U23’s. He helped me to train, develop and perform to break into the first team.”