golf screening

Our specialist screening programme for golfers can improve power, strength and mobility

The Pure Physio Sports Screening consists of 3 areas of testing; mobility, strength and power. 

Our Golf Screening has been created by our own expert in golf movement, Dominic Moon. From his years playing to a high level representing Yorkshire, his time working up to being a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and time studying Sports and Exercise medicine to a masters level, Dominic has perfected the Pure Physio Sports Golf Screening. The equipment used to measure and map out your progress is far beyond that offered anywhere else in the UK!  

Once the relevant performance metrics have been taken, you will then have a specific periodised plan of gym work / fitness training, put in place to enhance one or more areas over a period to help improve performance. The Performance Screen is then repeated after a set period to judge changes and then a new plan agreed. 

The screening can be completed at any point of the year to address problems and improve upon weaknesses. Don’t wait until the off season to move better, feel better and play better. 

types of golf screening


Mobility screening

Want to focus on your mobility to swing more comfortably or to get in the same positions as the pros. This screening sessions will help give a plan to reduce pain when playing.

COST: £55 for a 45 minute session


strength screening

Struggling with strength required to get your ball on the green from the long stuff? Our bespoke screening can help to pinpoint the areas of weakness that you can then work on to improve.

COST: £55 for a 45 minute session

power screening

Looking for power off the tee? A wise pro once said ‘I’d rather have a 9 iron from the rough than a 5 iron from the fairway’. Find out how to improve club-head speed and distance.

COST: £55 for a 45 minute session