Sports performance screening for students

Give your child an advantage in their athletic development with in-depth analysis and a tailored year-long programme focused on their sporting goals

Chris Hedges (BSc, MCSP, MFMPA, MACPOHE) is the Clinical Lead for Pure Physio Sports. 

He is the former Head of Academy Medicine at Norwich City Football Club. As an experienced MSK physiotherapist specialising in sports injury and recovery, he has 15 years working with professional team athletes, co-developing the Pure Physio Sports athletic screens.

He has a personal interest in youth athletic development and team sports athletes.

What you get

3 full screenings and check-ins over the course of a year (1 per term) to track progress. The first creates a baseline that future screenings and tests can be compared against to demonstrate progress.

Detailed reports are produced that document the results of the specific testing performed. This data is then analysed by the specialist physiotherapist to identify the opportunities and risks presented from the tests.

Fully bespoke 4 month exercise programme (delivered via an app) to follow that is created specifically to address imbalances and build upon the strengths needed to excel in their chosen sports.

Special pricing for students


Price includes 3x full performance screenings, with detailed reporting that can also be used by coaches, PTs and other medical professionals, 3x fully bespoke exercise programmes, all spread out through the course of the academic year.

why sign up?

  • Give your child a competitive advantage and go above and beyond to help in their physical development
  • Unique exercise programmes tailored specifically for your child’s sport, development goals and physiology
  • Focused on long-term athletic development – helping a child become a 3d athlete
  • Safety and body development, making sure they’re not injuring themselves
  • Evidence based
  • All physios have enhanced DBS checks, with a mixture of male and female staff
  • Programmes like these allow PE teachers to focus on sporting skills, let us help to develop physical literacy

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