How do you recover from a 20 mile run?

Recovering from a 20-mile run requires special attention to ensure your body bounces back effectively. Here’s a more specific plan tailored to the demands of a long-distance run:

How can I speed up my recovery after a long run?

Long runs such as half marathons, are strenuous on the body and therefore leaves your muscles fatigued, tissues strained and your body in need of restoration. By prioritising recovery, you can mitigate the risk of injury and conquer your training goals!

How to recover tight muscles after running

Cross country race

Do you have a tight muscle when you run or afterwards? You stretch and stretch, but it doesn’t get any better! Here’s what you need to know… but first, some background.

How to increase your Vo2 max

VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can use during intense exercise. It is an important factor in determining aerobic fitness, as a higher VO2 max generally indicates a higher level of fitness. If you are looking to increase your VO2 max, there are a few strategies you can try.