What are the most common golf injuries and how do you avoid them?

Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by many people in the UK, but like any sport, it comes with a risk of injury. Some of the most common golf-related injuries include strains and sprains to the back, shoulder, and wrist.

  1. Back Injuries: Golfers often suffer from lower back pain due to the repetitive motions of the sport, as well as the prolonged standing and bending required while playing. Stretching exercises and core-strengthening exercises can help to reduce the risk of back injuries.
  2. Shoulder Injuries: The repetitive motions of the golf swing can put a lot of stress on the shoulder. Common shoulder injuries in golfers include rotator cuff strains and tears. Stretching the shoulder and chest muscles, as well as strengthening the shoulder muscles, can help to reduce the risk of injury.
  3. Wrist Injuries: The golf swing also puts a lot of stress on the wrist, and can lead to injuries such as sprains or fractures. To reduce the risk of wrist injuries, it’s important to maintain good technique when swinging and to use the proper equipment, including gloves that fit properly and do not constrict the movement of the wrists.
  4. Elbow Injuries: Golfers’ elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis is an overuse injury caused by repetitive stress to the muscles and tendons of the forearm that attach to the inner elbow. Wearing an elbow brace or support can help alleviate pain, as well as rest, physical therapy and correcting swing faults.
  5. Knee Injuries: Knee injuries are less common in golfers, but can occur from repetitive stress or from twisting motions during the swing. To reduce the risk of knee injuries, it’s important to maintain good technique and to engage in exercises that strengthen the knee.

It’s important to remember that while the above mentioned are some of the most common golf-related injuries, all injuries should be attended by a qualified medical professional.

To help reduce the risk of injury and improve your golf game, it’s important to maintain good physical fitness and to engage in regular stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as to use the proper equipment and maintain good technique when swinging.

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