Student Placement Blog – Ben 

We recently welcomed Ben for a 4-week student placement, with us in our specialist sports rehabilitation centres in the north, as somebody who wants to work in the sports physiotherapy industry. During his placement, Ben has kindly wrote this brilliant blog, describing what he got up to during his time with us, and his biggest takeaways from the 4-weeks… 

At Pure Physio Sports, the physiotherapists focus on rehabilitation and are very adaptive depending on the patient’s needs, personality, and goals. This has taught me to be mindful and consider that every patient, and injury, is different and that no one can be treated the same. The physios knowledge, confidence and compassion towards their patients is amazing, and I have seen that first hand! It’s because of this, I would like to enhance my own therapy work to make me the best physiotherapist I can be, which will then ultimately mean that my patients enjoy their time with me and receive the most value from their appointments. This placement was different to others I’ve done in the past, where previously the physiotherapists were more focused on hands on treatments rather than addressing the issue long term. Although their approach was successful, I feel as though the approach at Pure Physio Sports is more for the long-term benefit of their patients. As well as hands on therapy and assessments, at Pure Physio Sports patients will be in the gym learning new exercises they can do at home which will improve their recovery. Having a gym background allowed me to help adapt exercises, as well as think of new ways to complete a certain exercise depending on the patient’s ability.  

Dom and Kane were very helpful in answering any questions that I had, as well as correcting me if I was wrong. Dom’s knowledge is incredible and how he applies this and his skills to each aspect of his role is something I would like to implement into my future work. On a personal note, I was delighted to be shown the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure and be able to research this in my own time, because this has allowed me to add an extra skill which I can now use in my own work.  

Overall, I would like to say a big thank you to Dom and the guys at Pure Physio Sports, who have allowed me to shadow and gain valuable knowledge and experience, which I know is going to help me in my career going forwards! 

We’re delighted to hear how much value Ben has taken away with him, from his student placement with us, and want to wish him all the very best in his bright future within the industry! 


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