How do you recover from a 20 mile run?

Recovering from a 20-mile run requires special attention to ensure your body bounces back effectively. Here’s a more specific plan tailored to the demands of a long-distance run:

How can I speed up my recovery after a long run?

Long runs such as half marathons, are strenuous on the body and therefore leaves your muscles fatigued, tissues strained and your body in need of restoration. By prioritising recovery, you can mitigate the risk of injury and conquer your training goals!

Golf Season: Golf Mechanics

Are you a keen golfer wanting to learn more about golf mechanics….found out more from one of our Specialist Sports Physios

How to keep up with fitness over the festive season 

As we know, this time of year becomes increasingly busy with family, friends, work dinners, social gatherings, the list is endless!  So, it’s no surprise that our fitness routine takes a back slide. We know how frustrating this can feel when you have worked so hard on your fitness goals all year.  We wanted to […]

Myth Busting: Protecting your back

Myth: Your spine is delicate and you need to protect it. Fact: Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body! Frequent movement and load on the spine can actually increase the strength of the tissues surrounding the vertebrae, putting you at even less risk of harm. What does this mean for me? […]

9 Ways to Utilise Pacing and Goal Setting for Health Issues 

Living with long term conditions, recovering from surgical procedures or trying to manage our mental health can be incredibly challenging. It’s almost like trying to make a jigsaw puzzle without the box for help – we sort of have an idea what we’d like the end to look like, but it’s a daunting journey and […]