specialist Sports physio at bedale golf club

Taking you from pain to performance.

Based in the Swing Studio, at the fantastic Bedale Golf Club, our specialist sports physiotherapist Dominic Moon offers; Performance Screening, Injury Rehab, Sports Physio, Strength and Conditioning, Sports Injury Physio and Sports Massage.

As a keen golfer himself, Dom has helped many people improve their performance on the course or rehabilitate from injury, and is determined to help you achieve your goals.

We are data-driven and use state-of-the-art technology, to ensure you receive a tailored and professional service, from the moment you walk into our sports rehab facility to the moment you leave. 

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We use our state-of-the-art equipment to help assess and diagnose your problem. We can objectively show how you are progressing and recovering, taking the guess work out of rehabilitation. As you achieve more goals and your scores improve we can progress your rehabilitation ensuring you are maximising your recovery using our Rehabilitation Gym.

Sports performance screening

We have developed Performance Enhancement Screening (PES) that assesses the attributes needed for each sport. Being able to see your ability across a range of attributes can help us together design a plan to meet your needs, whether that’s increasing: speed, power or minimising injury risk.

Sports massage

If you find you’re getting a build up of tension or soreness in a particular area of the body you may benefit from a thorough assessment. We can help to identify the root cause of your tension and utilise techniques to help relieve this tension and build up of by-products from training to assist your recovery and leave you ready for the next session of training.

Nutritional advice assessment

Our team of specialists support you in weight management to achieve sporting and lifestyle goals. We can help you to achieve your specific weight goals, waist size targets and more subjective goals such as how you feel, fatigue and energy levels.